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Not Worth the Cheat

Too often I encounter that decision point – it’s usually on my way to dinner with friends – where I must determine if I will stick with the healthy eating plan or throw it all aside and try everything I want on the menu. Many times I listen to the super-fit little angel in spandex on my shoulder, but sometimes that little devil on the other shoulder is already cooking up something that smells wonderful in my mind!

Well I’m here to tell you to STICK WITH THE DIET unless you’re dining somewhere very special that you know you love. Remember it’s just the first week of the year.  Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a bad meal. In fact, I may go back.  But it just wasn’t amazing enough to get me past the guilty conscience (now that Vietnmese earlier this week – that’s another story).

I was meeting up with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a while and we wanted to try a new Mediterranean place. Little Egypt Cafe, near 39th and Broaday, was on my list. It was a casual, open area with a counter under a picture-filled menu and desserts in a display case. It seemed a little colder than I expected with hardwood floors and simple furniture. But at the same time it appeared very clean, a simple space.

The combo appetizer with hummos, baba ghanoush, falafel and dolmas was definitely the highlight of the meal. The hummos was smooth and creamy, lightly spiced. The baba ghanoush was lovely with just enough smokiness, great texture and perfectly seasoned. My lamb shank was nice but the rice somewhat dry and flavorless. The tabouli salad was a little too chunky and oily for my taste. My friend liked her gyro commenting that it had a nice balance of meat, lettuce, bread and sauce.

I appreciated the baba ghanoush enough to get an extra order. Of course, I justified that by saying the amount on the sampler was just a little tasting. But that was exactly my problem! I was going over the top with an item I found admirable instead of just enjoying a little and moving on. I ate all of the lamb and way too many  pita slices – in other words – too much!

On a night with great company and good food, especially in early January, I sugguest focusing on the conversation and avoiding the extra calories.

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