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Your Dining Dollars Matter

Eye-opening article in the Pitch discusses what KC restaurants have come and gone this year. It’s a stark reminder that how and where we spend our dining dollars will impact the eating options we have down the road.

Read it here.

Most heartbreaking on the list of closures was Skies and the legendary

Peachtree Buffet on Eastwood Trafficway. Every time  we wanted to show off Kansas City to out-of-town visitors we took them to Skies for cocktails. The fantastic views at dusk were hard to beat. And it was the perfect opportunity to point-to and brag about the multitude of KC sights, activities and offerings for visitors and locals alike. Sharing my town with friends from that birds-eye view made me realize my love for KC more every time. Hopefully, the venue isn’t closed for good.

Skies had the most amazing 360-degree view of KC

The Peachtree Buffet was everything you could ask for a in soul-food buffet: piles of fried okra, spiced syrupy sweet potatoes, amazing fried chicken, seasoned collard greens and fantastic pork  neckbones. And best of all – as much of it as you want to eat! I was terribly disappointed when Peachtree closed their Power & Light location but elated just a year later when I discovered their buffet. Now both are gone. I suppose I’ll have to check out some of KC’s other soul-food offerings.

As for the list of newly opened destination, I can’t wait to try the Plaza’s new gastropub Gram & Dun. The menu looks enticingly creative and the patio will surely be a hit as the weather warms this spring.

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  1. Tina #

    FYI the Peachtree Buffet reopened January 8, 2013. The service, atmosphere, ambiance and food are EXcELLENT.

    The Peachtree Cafe, located next door to the buffet at 6800 2astwood Trafficway KCMO…

    January 17, 2013
    • This is fantastic news!! I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for the scoop Tina!

      January 19, 2013

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