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Oooey Gooey Chocolates

The holidays bring with it an abundance of wonderful indulgences. SOooooo many, in fact, that we often times find ourselves passing over the sweets, snacks, chocolates and candy – even the homemade stuff sometimes – in order to keep the waistline under control.

Well, that was part of my plan this week. I would just have a select few, very small sweets in the days leading up to Christmas so that I could partake in every whim of sugar-filled, sugar-coated, sugar-frosted Christmas goodness that came my way over the weekend (and don’t forget those crazy good fatty homemade dips, too)! That was UNTIL the most gorgeous cookie and candy tray showed up on a coworker’s desk!

Talk about enticing! I can usually pass up a cashew turtle or even perfectly baked cookies knowing that it’s probably not quite as tasty as I had hoped or that I will have something similar on my cheat day. Well that was pretty much impossible as I drooled over this array of chocolates, cookies and candies so pristinely presented, yet so homespun. Oooey Gooey Chocolates became the devil whispering in my ear all week!

This delivery was the best of both worlds. Coming from a little shop in Excelsior Springs that emanates “Main Street America”, I shouldn’t have been surprised that this goody tray – minus the logo sticker – could have passed as something from the kitchen of one my supermom, bakingpro girlfriends (Maria, you know you make the rest of us feel like slackers!). It was so authentic. Chocolate dipped goodies with refreshingly imbalanced edges and a walnut fudge that appeared to have been cut with a regular old butterknife out of grandma’s kitchen drawer. It was even tied with a country-style burlap ribbon. But at the same time, every piece was classy and polished. Red-and-white mini candycanes topped the chocolate dipped cookies and sparkly sprinkles finished each cakeball. The presentation was exemplary!

Better yet, these confections tasted as good as some of the best homemade Christmas candy I’ve had. The Half-Dipped Chip cookies were my favorite – soft, buttery chocolate chip cookies dunked into decadent, creamy milk chocolate! And then there were the red velvet cakeballs, and the peanut clusters and the oatmeal raisin, and the chocolate cookies filled with caramel, and the white chocolate oreos…..oh my!!!

So next time you’re in Excelsior Springs enjoying the historic downtown, be sure to stop by this wonderful hometown shop with its lovely display case of every chocolate fantasy you can imagine. Or just pick up the phone or get on the computer and order up this impressive gift tray for your favorite sweet tooth friend!

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  1. Jen Morrow #

    One of our vendors sent us not one, but two, tins of White Chocolate Oreos. I’d never had one before…oh my! Good thing Christmas only comes once a year!!

    December 24, 2011

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