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Boulevard Bakery

Every now and then you find a wonderfully superior place to get exactly what you want for a party, a gift or just for your own personal use. Many times you want to keep that splendid secret all to yourself and just smile and take the compliments as if the product were your own creation. But for me, it’s often times simply too good NOT to share.

Boulevard Bakery is one of those secrets I just love to tell! Tucked into Kansas City’s Northeast side, this no-frills shop on Independence Avenue is a must for beautifully decorated sugar cookies and what I like to call the “handmade Twinkies and Ho-hos on crack”. These iced delights are seriously some of the most lucious and satisfying confections you can get your hands on.

Chocolate Radar Bars and white snowmen

Now, I’m not talking about a fancy torte made from high-end cocoa and exotic espresso beans. I mean, this is the stuff you downright LOVED as a kid — a little chocoloate cake with white, creamy, sugary filling covered in a thin layer of chocolate icing. All the characteristics you adored about Ho-hos and none of the plasticky, preservative, waxlike aftertaste. It’s a fun, indulgent treat for grown-ups!

For a Christmas party last night, I served these wonderful chocolate Radar Bars – as they’re called at Boulevard Bakery – along with some cute-as-a-button snowmen and santas made from vanilla cake and icing. The presentation was terrific and their flavor and moistness great, too! At just a couple bucks a pop, how can a platter of mini standing snowmen and santas be beat!? And these five guys filled a medium-to-large size platter easily. Believe me, you don’t need one-per-guest. Despite hearing others say how delicious they are, a lot of people just won’t pick up a ho-ho the size of your fist or a too-perfect little santa and take a big bite. Their loss I suppose! But for both the lookers and the eaters, these treats are always a hit.

click here for Boulevard Bakery's website

Now the flawless sugar cookies, on the other hand, people seem a lot more comfortable picking up a smiling penguin or a glowing angel and just biting a wing right off! The best part about Boulevard Bakery is the seemingly endless selection of shapes, colors and creations – especially around any holiday. Priced between $0.99 and $1.69, these guys can also go a long way. I finally narrowed my selection down to about 15 different styles and knew I had way too many to fit on my oversized serving tray.

So now you know my little secret:  a great bakery off the beaten path where two ladies bake and decorate these enticingly iced beauties! Now that you know…don’t miss out on the Boulevard fun for your next baby shower, holiday, birthday or just-because.

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  1. Philmo #

    Very nice review. That place has been there forever. Great little bakery.

    Do you tweet?

    December 13, 2011
  2. Thanks Philmo. Perfect Bite KC twitter coming soon!! Stay tuned!

    December 14, 2011

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