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Lots of people will be a on a mission this weekend to knockout that Christmas gift list. Well I’m one who knows from experience just how quickly some “power shopping” can work up an appetite.

If you’re looking for some good eats that won’t cut into the shopping schedule, you’ve got to try SPIN! Neopolitan Pizza. It’s quick, made-to-order, Kansas City based and G-O-O-D good!

The menu options are one of the best parts of a visit to SPIN! I always seem to stand staring at the menu for uncomfortably long periods of time just drooling over all the flavor combinations. With toppings like goat cheese, carmelized onions, pinenuts, crimini mushrooms and roasted capers, who wouldn’t have a hard time deciding!?

I often go with the Pizza Mia combo – a 6-inch pizza along with soup or salad. But on a recent evening, I met a girlfriend so we could catch up and indulge. That meant leftovers were in the plan and, lucky enough, it was buy two get one free that night. To start, we decided to split a Sonoma Salad topped with grapes, goat cheese and spiced pecans. I will say, I prefer their Greek or the 8-Color salad, chock-full of crisp veggies and other goodies.

In order to sample the different styles of pizza – divided between white, red and classic – we ended up with four kinds over 3 pizzas.

Roasted Chicken and Goat Cheese Pizza

My favorite was definitely the Margherita. Simple and delicious. The crushed tomato sauce was very fresh and the basil and mozzarella light against the warm soft crust. The other half of that pizza was Pepperoni and it was great.

The other attention-getter was the Roasted Chicken and Goat Cheese Pizza with carmelized onions and crimini mushrooms. It’s just a combination that’s hard to beat.  The Artichoke and Olive pizza was nice, but I would try something else next time. I really like loads of flavor on my pizza.

With five current locations and a SPIN! planned to open soon in Corinth Square, you can find one close to several popular shopping centers. I like to head to the Overland Park location on 119th after I’m done shopping at Town Center Plaza. And if you’re enjoying the holiday lights on the plaza, just drop by the location south of there on Main Street (shhhh….it’s next to Christopher Elbow’s Glace ice cream!).

Wishing you happy shopping and, even better, happy eating this weekend!

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