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Unexpected Delights

Christopher Elbow and Lon Lane made my night tonight!! These two Kansas City special-occassion virituosos are masters at both making a big event memorable and bringing  a special touch to everyday affairs.

It was a reception and dinner for about 40 people where the food and favors made the night quite notable. When the server brought the passed hors d’ ouevres and offered either artichoke hearts with red pepper mousse or “onion puffs”, I held my breath that they were THE onion puffs I hoped they would be!! And to my delight, I popped the little round piece of heaven into my mouth and savored the rich carmelized onions on crisp toasty bread topped with rich smooth melted cheese – perfection! It was the work of Lon Lane for sure! The mushroom tarts were just as phenomonal and the serving staff were top-notch as always.

If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a Lon Lane catered event, you should find a reason to throw a party and hire his Inspired Occassions crew (or just recommend their catering to your next friend to get married so you can enjoy the food at his/her reception – haha!). With chef Jeff French at the helm of their culinary and creative teams, Inspired Occassions handles some of the most elite events in Kansas City. Lucky for us, his Onion Puff recipe can be found on Lon Lane’s blog. These just might make an appearance at my next holiday party!

Upon entering the dining room, I immeditely saw the beautiful white and brown box finished with a ribbon and little “E” emblem waiting  on each place setting. I knew this was a well-done event, before I even sat down at the table.

The dinner was great – a green salad topped with red peppers, avocado, tomato and two grilled shrimp, followed by sliced steak atop an eggplant mushroom and goat cheese hash with yukon gold mashers.  It was completed with piping hot coffee and a flourless chocolate cake finished with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

But the flavor finale was enjoyed on the car-ride home. That little Christopher Elbow box held four of

Christopher Elbow rosemary caramel

my favorite kinds of chocolates. And I knew I’d been eating too many of these little treasures when I could identify each one by sight according to their special finish. Christopher Elbow, KC’s premier chocoatier, not only uses the finest ingredients and truest flavorings, but the bite-size chocolates are a work of art. Each is decorated with a unique shape,  print or color scheme to identify the flavor.

Inside my box were, in my opinion, four of the best chocolates you can get: Bananas Curry (like bananas foster), Fleur de Sel Caramel (slightly salty), Lavendar (floral and decadent) and Rosemary Caramel (a surprisingly wonderful fresh combination). The box was empty by the time we got home!

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