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Always a Great Steak

Another fantastic dinner at Capital Grille on the Plaza this month. For a girl that’s somewhat hard to please, Cap gets it right nearly every time. Now that’s impressive. From the atmosphere to the service to the sommelier and of, course, the knock-out food, it is phenomenally consistent.

We always have to start with the calamari. It is hands-down the best calamari in Kansas City, and probably my favorite I’ve ever tried. The batter is just right, not to mealy and not overly fluffy. It’s the right ratio of round firm circles to delightfully stringy tentacle pieces. Add a squeeze of lemon and it cuts the heat of the peppers to the point you have just enough kick at the end.  It’s hard to leave a piece on the plate.

With a table of six, I decided to double down and ordered the lobster crab cakes for everyone. Lucky me, the Hubs didn’t have one, so I ended up with two mounds of sweet moist seafood topped with just a touch of the fresh corn relish. I think he was enjoying the seared tuna. That’s the other joy of dining at Capital Grille, they give you what you want. I just love their seared tuna entrée with the wonderful infused oils, and they are quick to say yes when I ask to have it prepared as an appetizer instead.

The wine list is a near-wonder in itself. The standard list inside the menu is extensive, well organized and easy to navigate. And the reserve list, brought upon request, provides even more great offerings to ensure a difficult yet worthwhile decision. What’s better is that you can easily find a handful of staff with great knowledge of the wine list. We enlisted the help of Geordie, the sommelier to provide guidance. Unlike some places packed on a weekend night, he was in no hurry to push us to a decision. Instead he listened to my thoughts on a few labels that caught my eye, made a few suggestions, answered more questions and helped me narrow down the field. We ended up with a fantastic Syrah (even though we originally started down the Rhone path and had considered a few California cabs) that knocked my socks off.

The 2008 Charles Smith Royal City Syrah drew such an outward reaction when I tasted it, my

A great recommendation: Charles Smith "Royal City" Syrah

friends said they knew it had to be good from the look on my face. It had a great nose with rich fruit and tasted of intense berry rounded out with a nice overtone of chocolate. It was perfect with the coffee, cocoa and spice of my Kona-rubbed filet….wow! What a fantastic suggestion from a sommelier that listened to my likings and wasn’t afraid to steer me into another varietal to get exactly what I was looking for (and not any more expensive than the first wines I had considered.)

Of course the soups and salads were spot-on, as always. Most of us indulged in steak, one had fish, and all were very pleased. I could talk about the steaks and sides at Cap for another few pages, but let’s save that for another day.

Avoiding our better judgement, we ordered not one, but three desserts (plus some strawberries and cream)….oh my! I’m such a sucker for Cap’s coconut cream pie, but this time the crème brulee was the star of the show. Smooth vanilla custard perfectly carmelized on top and enough berries to be enjoyed with the whole thing. And it was served with all the KINDS of berries you want too:  blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I always find it disappointing when crème brulee shows up with two wilted raspberries in the corner.  Well, not at Capital Grille. I had whatever berries fit my fancy…which means all of them!

Bar at The Capital Grille Kansas City

Bart, Geordie and the staff know how it should be done. Even in the absence of our friend Britt (perhaps the best server in all of KC) we were well taken care of. That’s the beauty of going to Cap, it is spot-on everytime. And while my adventurous nature frequently seeks something new and I love to try the latest and greatest, a mainstay like Capital Grille will always be a place we dine often.
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  1. Lemme tell ya who has a great nose.

    you do. 🙂

    November 30, 2011

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