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Leftovers for Brunch

Soups, sandwiches and casseroles are the typical dishes you hear about to utilize your Thanksgiving leftovers. Some sound delicious! But to break out of the normal lunch and dinner remakes, why not turn your leftovers into breakfast or brunch.

I love eggs in the morning. So I pulled out some of the containers with our Thanksgiving dinner wrapped inside to see what kind of omelette I could make. There were lots of choices: turkey and cheese, brussel sprout and ham, maybe even hot eggs wrapped around green bean casserole.

Since I love veggies in my omelettes, I chose to focus on the leftover brocolli casserole. It really turned out to be a good choice! I sauted some onions in olive oil till they were nice and brown. Then I scooped up a big chunk of the brocolli, rice and cheese combination cooking it just long enough to warm it. In went the eggs and we were on our way to a hearty brunch. I chopped up some leftover bacon and tossed it in the middle with some grated horseradish cheddar. It was fantastic! Even better than I expected.

I heated up a slice of turkey and a little dressing to pair with the omelette – a great combination!

You don’t have to have a recipe to make something delicious out of whatever you find in your fridge. Just use your imagination and have fun!

Want some more recipes? Check out some ideas for turning your leftovers into football food for all the gamewatching this weekend. My friend Tritia covers everthing you need to know for a successful gameday!

What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Got a great recipe? Please share it!

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