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Best KC places for Tuna Tartare

Simple raw goodness. Sometimes tuna tartare is the perfect start to a great dinner. And if it’s stacked, served or soaked with just the right accompaniments, you could find it to be your “perfect bite”.

If you’re eating at great restaurants serving high-quality tuna you don’t often find “bad” preparations (though I have encountered a few), just boring sometimes. But when you get a great tuna tartare with just the right proportion of avocado and all the goodies, you’re really in for a treat.

Here are some local suggestions for finding the good stuff.

  1. Grand Street Cafe – firm, delicious marinated tuna with avocados and a fantastic wasabi cream
  2. Bristol Seafood Grill – a little unusal with the tuna being seasoned and barely seared before slicing
  3. Sullivan’s Steakhouse – a traditional and satisfying preparation
  4. Seasons 52 – not exactly a true tartare, but served with thinly sliced cucumbers in a barely-there vinaigrette you can stack up your own

I have to mention The Hubs very favorite tuna tartare and one that I wish we could still get here: Morton’s Steakhouse. If you find yourself eating at Morton’s in another city, it’s a must-have!

Credits: Photo via Bristol

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