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Visiting Glace in KC

It’s always a special treat to get ice cream with your family. But such a treat turns into a true luxury when you go to Glace. I asked my parents when they were visiting last weekend if they wanted to try the best ice cream in Kansas City and, of course, they said “absolutely”.

I warned them there would be an excess of choices, but that the staff was kind enough to let them sample as many flavors as they liked. I also hinted at the fantastic flavor combinations and unexpected goodness they were about to partake. Even after having indulged in my fair share of Christopher Elbow’s magnificent chocolates and frequented his new gift to our city of two storefronts scooping up heaven in a little paper cup, I’m still somewhat daunted by all the unbelievably unique and delicious choices.

All of the fall flavors were calling my name. I sampled the pumpkin, butternut squash, spiced carrot, roasted banana. I was starting to feel like a mooch and decided I should just order. I was still longing to try the roasted apple, maple pecan and so many others! I settled, but by no means settled for, the Venezuelan Spiced Chocolate and the spiced carrot cake. Some would call that an odd pairing, but it suited me just fine. Creamy, rich dark chocolate with hints of chiles, cinnamon and other delectible warmth tucked into a cup beside decadent carrot cake turned into ice cream! The best of both worlds.

Of course, I had to sample mom and dad’s choices too. I was waaaaay impressed with the pineapple. It was so fresh yet had the depth and intense flavor of dried pineapple….fantastic! They both took a chance on the Goat Cheese & Fig flavor. I thought that was a brave step for my traditional folks and, by golly, it paid off. The fig flavor ran throughout the cream. Even a bite without the fruit had full, sweet, wonderful fig filling my mouth.

What you may not know, is that I don’t really get excited about most ice cream. It’s never my choice for dessert and if I’m gonna rack up the calories, I can usually find a more worthwhile indulgence. But for anyone that appreciates quality cooking, baking, fine coffee or a great wine, the flavor experience of Glace is must-have moment. One bite tastes as though it were made with immense care and purpose, containing each element required of a perfectly plated, five-star dessert.

Photo Credit: Gabe Hopkins

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